CDR Cegielski Farewell

by USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) on Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 12:23am ·

Today will mark just over 22 months of my being in Command of JOHN PAUL JONES when I’ll be relieved by CDR Jonathan Duffy. I can say with all honesty that it truly has been my privilege to lead the crew of the best warship on any coast. Any day of the week I’d take this 18+ year old war-horse and pit her against the newest ship off the line. And we’d win every time.

This ship has a lot to be proud of. It has accomplished many firsts and set the benchmark for others to follow. That is due to the fact that she is manned by superb crew, Officers and Sailors alike, who make her hum day-in and day-out. They are the ones that make the difference. I was merely blessed with the opportunity to lead them.

I may be leaving JPJ, but JPJ will never leave me. It’s in my blood. I wish nothing less than the best for the ship, each member of the crew, their families and the friends that we’ve made along the way, from Malibu to Phuket. The future is bright for JPJ and I’m excited to see what new heights that she and her crew can rise to. I’ll be watching from Washington, DC cheering along the way. Sail safe.

In Harm’s Way!

CDR Cegielski sends