Presidents Welcome

Dear New Member:

Welcome to our Council of the United States Navy League. As a member you will be supporting the worldwide mission of the Navy League as well as local projects.

We have programs and special activities which support the men and women of the sea services and provide information and programs to educate our community about the importance of sea power to our nation's national defense and continued well being. We have adopted ships/units which give us an opportunity to provide direct, hands-on support to the men and women who work for our freedom.

It is important to our community and the nation to support youth initiatives. This is achieved through annual local and national scholarship programs, support of Sea Cadets, and other youth endeavors such as NROTC and NJROTC programs, scholarships, and essay contests.

On a more personal note, membership in our council will offer you many networking opportunities with community leaders. You will enjoy the camaraderie of our members as we work together to fulfill the mission of the Navy League and to simply enjoy each other's company in different social settings.

All of these activities are achieved through the teamwork of our members. A new member survey is enclosed to find out your interests and to ask you to volunteer to help support and improve our programs. Please complete this survey and return in the enclosed envelope.

We normally hold monthly meetings and a variety of events. Our activity schedule is posted in our monthly newsletter. We want to introduce you to our membership as soon as possible and we will contact you to determine the meeting when we might do this.

We are happy that you have decided to become a part of the Navy League and look forward to working with you in future activities.



Your Council President