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On Friday, November 10th, the Denver Council presented a flag flown over the USS ARIZONA memorial to Mountain Ridge Middle School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The presentation was organized by the Denver Council to recognize the contributions of local area veterans, and to encourage the students to learn more about the history of our sea services. National Junior Honor Society President Curtis Peavey and National Junior Honor Society member Katie Koch delivered speeches welcoming the veterans and members of the local Navy commands present on behalf of the 950 students at the all-school assembly. The Naval Recruiting District Denver was represented by CDR William Pieseski (XO NRD Denver), PR1 (AW/NAC) Ryan Fitzgerald, and STS2 (SS) Bryan Fields. The NAVIOCOM Colorado (formerly SECGRU Denver) was represented by CTT2 (SW) Angelia Sykes. Denver Council president Steve Kelly, Vice-president Joseph Mahaffey, and NRD Denver Public Affairs Officer Dan Puleio, represented retired Navy veterans. The Denver Council has presented ten flags to schools in Adams, Broomfield, Jefferson, and Douglas Counties, to promote a sense of patriotism and allow students to meet veterans and current active duty Navy personnel.

L-R Steve Kelly, PR1(AW/NAC) Ryan Fitzgerald, Curtis Peavey (President National Junior Honor Society), Katie Koch (Member National Junior Honor Society)

L-R Steve Kelly, CDR William Pieseski, Katie Koch, CTT2 (SW) Angelia Sykes, Curtis Peavey, PR1 (AW/NAC) Ryan Fitzgerald, STS2 (SS) Bryan Fields

Sea Cadet Change of Command. Left: Sea Cadet adult leaders receive certificates of appreciation from the Denver Council. From left: LT. Monte Lanier, Ms. LeAnne Barbin, LTJG Josh Hoovestal, ENS Heather Lanier, LTJG Jane Lanier. Right: Sea Cadet COXO: Incoming CO and XO. From left: WO Jon Sorenson and XO ENS. Gary Patterson.

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